The system is fully automated and is able to realize mass medical examinations of employees  within minutes.  Our own software can be easily integrated into any database (Oracle, 1C, SAP etc.) of a company.

Pupillometer is our innovative development in the field of screening diagnostics in order to detect the presence of drugs in the blood. It can even identify the use of such drugs as spice in a few seconds 

Certified in Russia
contactless breathalyzer

Industrial tonometer designed to realize tens of thousands measurements per year

FullHD camera that records the whole process of the examination

Shockproof 17-Inch touch-screen

Anti-vandal body

Chair for comfortable passing the medical examination by an employee

Contactless Proximity card reader

Capabilities of ЭСМО

The innovative system ЭСМО improves significantly the process of medical examinations of employees. The system is fully automated and is able to realize mass medical examinations of employees within minutes.  Our own software can be easily integrated into any database (Oracle, 1C, SAP etc.) of a company.

ЭСМО can do automatically the following things:

1. To evaluate the degree of readiness of each employee to proceed to work based on the measurements carried out by the system (without doctor’s participating):


Alcohol testing

Drug testing




Blood pressure

2. To make notes in the log of medical examinations regarding the fact whether an employee can be allowed to proceed to work or not


3. To print the documents (trip ticket, appointment to a doctor and etc.) with EDS of a medical assistant if necessary


4. To exert control over the access to а workplace in accordance with medical parameters

The system as simply as possible gives the result: whether an employee can be allowed to proceed to work or not.

The human factor is eliminated – only objective readings of the instruments.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and doesn't require the presence of medical assistants. Moreover, the system keeps a record of all data including video and photo materials and sends statistical reports to all departments involved. All controversial issues can be resolved with a help of archived data.

Automated process




Data archive

As the result, not all employees are allowed to be at a hazardous industrial facility (or to proceed to driving).

Only those employees who:


Hazardous industrial facility

have access to a workplace this day

do not have medical contraindications

are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs

An employee whose medical parameters do not fit the normal range cannot physically proceed to his workplace

Hazardous industrial facility

A company's checkpoint

ЭСМО's capacity
Compare ЭСМО and the traditional approach

3 medical assistants work at the enterprise

  • The examination of one employee takes 3 min. 30 sec.

  • One medical assistant can examine only 17 employee per 1 hour

3 medical assistants can examine 51 employees per 1 hour

The presence of a medical staff guarantees the total control over the process which allows eliminating the risks, such as: drug intoxication, mental instability




An employee whose state of health is under suspect is offered to pass a system of special tests as well as to be examined individually by a medical assistant




Such two-stage control system is an effective way to reduce risks at the stage of passing ЭСМО’s medical examinations by employees.

ЭСМО consists of a complex of equipment that includes the required quantity of medical terminals, turnstiles, computers and software and other equipment.

The enterprise has implemented ЭСМО with 3 terminals

  • The examination of one employee takes 1 min. 10 sec.

  • One medical assistant can examine 52 employees per 1 hour

One medical assistant using ЭСМО with 3 terminals can examine 156 employees per hour

0.5 min (30 sec)

Making notes in the journal

0.5 min (30 sec)


0.5 min (30 sec)

Alcohol testing

1 min (60 sec)


0.84 min (50 sec)

Blood pressure mesurement

0.16 min (10 sec)

Patient intake


Σ = 1 min

Medical assistant

Σ = 3.30 min

ЭСМО's equipment


Medical terminal

Computers and software

Other equipment

ЭСМО's architecture

ЭСМО's server

Common to all components of the system

Enterprise network


  • DBMS

   Data exchange with:

  • DB HR


  • other DB of an enterprise

Components of the system

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